The Mavs Performance without Lamar

On Sunday The Dallas Mavericks took on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers struggled in the first 3 quarters of the game but came back in the fourth quarter. With the Lakers tieing the game up at the end of the fourth quarter making the score 98- 98 taking the game into overtime. During overtime Pau Gasol Hit back to back three point shots putting the Lakers ahead of the Mavs and the Lakers bring home the victory (score 112- 108).

The Lakers now have a 4-0 winning streak against the Mavs that kept them from winning the championship last year.

“This team eliminated us last year, and they’re the champs right now. If we face them again, I don’t know if this 4-0 in the regular season will be worth a whole lot. We’ll have to start over and make sure we play as hard as we’ve been playing lately.”

Now how does Lamar fit into this you ask? Well, they played without him and still lost. Does he make that much of a difference on the team? I would have to say that the Mavs played better this game and both teams played great but someone had to win this competition and it just so happened to be the Lakers. Having someone on your team that doesn’t want to be there or is mentally weak can bring the entire team down. “You’re only a strong as your weakest player.”


Kobe speaks out about Lamar Trade


Lets play the Blame Game!


Do you think Khloe is to Blame for Lamar Leaving the Mavericks?

A: Yes, Khloe was only thinking about herself

B: No, Lamar was just being a baby

C:it was a mutual Decision Between the two

D: other

Answer the questions in the comment box below and I will tally up the results in my next post!

psst..feel free to share your opinion outside of the options given.

Thanks 🙂 

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A Not so Happy Easter for Lamar!

Easter is supposed to be a time spent with family while enjoying a great Easter dinner. Not for Lamar! Yesterday Lamar spent his time working out an agreement to leave the Team without actually being released. According to sources Lamar says:

“The Mavericks and I have mutually agreed that it’s in the best interest of both parties for me to step away from the team.”

Lamars departure will be immediate and leaves open the opportunity that he can be traded. Any team that has Lamar on their roster on June 29th must buy him out for $2.4 or accept the full responsibility for him for $8.2 million. Lamar sees this time off as a chance to get his head together, relax, and recover mentally and emotionally. When players and coaches were asked about Lamar their response was “I’m done talking about that”. This could be the best thing to happen to Lamar since his trade. This could give a chance to recreate his brand.

Meanwhile, doesn’t this “buying out” deal sound like a rip off. If I was Lamar I would be embarrassed to see that i was being tossed around like an object instead of an actual HUMAN being but that what comes along with be a celebrity in the public eye.

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Behind the Scenes!

We finally get some sort of insight of what’s going on in Lamars head during his trade to the Mavs. He’s stressed, out of shape from the lock out, tired, and just not emotionally and mentally ready for what’s in stored for him at the Mavs. Check out this clip of Lamar and Khloe talking about their move to Dallas!


Lamars lack of defense causes unity in Mavs vs. Grizzlies game.

On Wednesday the Mavs took home a win of 74 to 73 against the Memphis Grizzlies but this success did not come easy. There was only 10 minutes left in the game and forward Quincy Pondexter made his way past Lamar Odom with ease. Making the game a one point difference game. This infuriated his teammates.

 “Look, it was a bad play,” Carlisle said. “Lamar was there and he needed to put a body on him and didn’t do it and so Pondexter gets a three-point play.”

Lamar was placed on the bench while his teammates worked together to win the game. everyone decided to step up to the plate.

“I’m about winning. That’s the way it is,” Odom said. “This a deep team. Right now it’s about finding a way to help the team and just win games.” Lamar being benched was the best way he could have helped the team because his presence clearly wasn’t felt on the court.

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For Better of For Worst? Uhhh, Not in this case!

Yesterday, there was Gossip of the Reality couple, Lamar and Khloe, were splitting (loud gasp)! Could this be? Rumor has it that the couple is splitting because Lamar was caught with a naked women and “infertility drove them apart”. Lamar  has been wanting a child since he and soon to be ex-wife got together but Khloe was having problems getting pregnant. Where does this leave Lamar? I mean we all know that his basketball career isn’t going too well for him at the moment. All he really has is”Reality” right now.